World Record Attempt

What’s going on???

On September 15th against division rival 49ers, the Seahawks 12th Man will attempt to break the world record for “Loudest Crowd Cheer at a Sports Stadium.”

 Long time supporter of the Seahawks and the 12th Man, Volume 12  led by Mr. Ken Brunelle, and former Seahawks players recognized the opportunity to bring global attention to the amazing Seahawks fan community. “This is our chance to show the world what true fans can do when they come together for a common goal.” – Volume 12

On July 3rd 2013, Guinness World Records accepted our application submitted attempt the Loudest Crowd Cheer in a Sports Stadium. 

12th Man Guidelines

September 15th Guinness World Records will attend our game as an official judge for the world record attempt.

We get 3 official attempts:  All 3 attempts MUST be taken on September 15th against the 49ers. We will only need 1 to break the record so the next 2 attempts will be an effort to break our own record! There will be no official 1-2-3 GO cue from stadium officials. This is a true organic fan movement for the fans by the fans…Spreading the word is very important!

ATTEMPT #1 will take place on the 49ers 1st offensive possession. Please be in your seat and ready to participate during the opening Kickoff. We need everyone! There is no 1-2-3 Go. Just be loud like we always are and let the recording begin.

-How do we know if the record is broken?

We will notify everyone on the OfficialVolume12 Facebook and Twitter pages immediately following our attempt.

-What happens if we don’t break the record?

We get 2 more attempts, If it doesn’t happen after the final attempt, we will officially be the Loudest Stadium in the NFL.



Official Rules from Guinness



-This record is for the greatest sound level reached by a crowd roar at a sports stadium.

-This record is to be attempted by a crowd of unlimited size.

-This record is measured in decibels (dBA).

-The current record (current as at the date of this letter) is: The loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium was 131.76 dbA and was achieved by Galatasaray Spor Kulubu (Turkey) at the Ali Sami Yen Sport Complex Turk Telekom Arena, in Istanbul, Turkey, on 18 March 2011.


1. The sound level produced should be measured on a Class 1 precision measuring noise
level meter, certified and calibrated. (such as Casella CEL Inc. Sound Level Meters).

 2. The microphone should be positioned at between 1.5 and 1.6 metres above the ground. For the purposes of this record, the microphone may be placed on the sidelines, but must be on level ground with the pitch. The microphone may be no closer than 2.5 metres to the nearest participant.

 3. The record is measured for the general roar, and thus any external instruments may be used by spectators to assist in generating a louder volume. These include horns, drums, plastic noisemakers (i.e. Thundersticks), vuvuzelas, etc. Please note, however, that there must be no electronic or mechanical noise assistance provided by the stadium/venue.

Thus, any organ music, pre-recorded sound effects, microphoned public address announcers, cannons, or similar may not be used during the time of the recording.

 4. Measurements should be made in dBA, with the highest peak reading to be recorded.

 5. At least one of the statements provided must be a sound engineer or similarly qualified individual who can verify based on testing that the measuring device is properly calibrated and functioning accurately.

6. Measurements should be made and witnessed by the independent judges using suitably accurate (professional standard) equipment and all relevant dimensions of the stadium must be given.

 7. A print out or photograph recording the peak reading should be provided with the evidence.


-The name of the organisation, company or person(s) making the attempt must be given, along with the date and place.

-The event must take place in a public place or in a venue open to public inspection.

-The sound level produced must be measured on a Class 1 precision measuring noise level meter, certified and calibrated. (Previous attempts have used Casella CEL Inc. Sound Level Meters)

-Measurements must be made in dBA, with the highest peak reading to be recorded.

Seattle’s 12th Man

After Seattle’s big 1983 playoff victory at Miami, Knox said “this team does not play alone, we play with an extra man, a twelfth man — our fans.” Before the final game of the 1984 season, the Seahawks retired the number 12, meaning it could never be worn by any players; it was a symbolic act unprecedented in professional sports.

Kingdome crowds were so loud that visiting teams couldn’t hear their quarterbacks’ signals, prompting a 1989 league rule saying such disruptions would cost the home team a 5-yard penalty and a time out. Knox fought with the league to NOT quiet the crowd with penalties and the rule was rarely enforced.

 That crowd noise followed the Seahawks into their new stadium in 2002. In recognition of the home field advantage fans helped create, the Seahawks installed a flagpole above the south end zone in 2003 and made the raising of a 12th Man flag part of every pre-game ritual. Our identity was molded by the ones before us. ‪#‎Volume12‬

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