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Seahawks and Art!


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chris art

Like Russell Wilson, who loves being the Seahawks Quarterback, I sometimes think I have things pretty good too, writing for Volume 12. Especially when I get to spend time talking with someone like Christopher Keywood.

Over the last few weeks, Volume 12 has been holding an artistic contest. We love seeing what people create and we’re endlessly fascinated by the art the Seahawks seem to inspire. We love the art that’s been emailed and posted to our Facebook page. But when we saw Christopher’s work, we were completely intrigued by the imagery and texture in his work. So I called him and asked all the usual questions… and got some inspired answers!chris art 3

So this is Chris. Chris has been drawing since he was about three. Growing up in Kent, his first portrait was a 3D Mickey Mouse that his mom laminated for him. Chris wasn’t just a Disney guy though. He moved on to He-Man and She-Ra! In grade school, he started drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and trading the drawings to his classmates for their best snacks!

And then he became fascinated by Junior. Ken Griffey Jr. While his twin brother was all about the Seahawks, Chris became a baseball guy… and the art kept growing.

Chris says it’s just what he sees, all the angles and straight lines. His eyes see the straight lines and he draws and trims them perfectly without a ruler or a straight edge. He says it’s always been the way. Being a perfectionist is also part of his charm!

Chris’ art kept pouring out of him. Moving from Jr High straight into honors art in high school, Chris focused on logos and murals throughout the school… and less on the classwork. Although he was serious about his art, following graduation, he didn’t go to art college like everyone thought he would. Instead, our happy-go-lucky artist went to Mississippi and started an art gallery…

… and developed a fascination with Seahawks! The 2005 season caught his attention. The 11 false starts against the Giants turned him from a spectator to a diehard fan. The Seahawks played their 2006 Superbowl game on February 5th, the birthday he and his brother share. From then on, Chris baffled residents around the delta with his never-before-seen Seahawks shirts and hats.

chris art2Reppin’ his Seattle hoodie in Archie Manning land didn’t keep Chris from selling his art. He even began doing a quite a bit of work around Ole Miss and eventually doings pieces for Eli Manning and creating an NFL series for Terrance Metcalf, former Chicago Bears Guard.

When family circumstances brought him back to Washington State, he fell back in love the with area. The cloudy skies, the water, the trips to Seattle. He went back to Mississppi and closed his gallery and moved to Port Angeles.

He continued working on his football pieces. He felt like his shapes and pieces were creating football players that started looking more like machines and he explored that using the current Seahawks players. From Russell to Sherm. From Earl to Marshawn… Chris began working the same magic with his shapes and shades.

And then the Volume 12 art contest happened. Chris’ friends and family urged him to enter and eventually, he sent us some shots.

chris art 4And we loved them and wanted to see more!

So Chris brought some of his work in and we’re happy to say that we’re featuring it at our Game Gear location in Redmond Town Center.

We love what Chris sees when he looks at the Seahawks. I asked him what he sees when he looks at his art.

“I just love the ability to see the beauty in art, the movement, the shapes… It’s like I’m not even working. It melts me to look at what I’m creating and see people’s reaction to it.”

“But I’ve always known I can make people happy through art. I’m like a jack of all trades. I feel like I can create anything. I’m fierce on a hedge. Give me a trimmer and man, I can see the lines. I may take up sand castles!”

Whatever Chris does, we’re pretty sure he’s going to be good at it!

Where can you get your hands on Chris’ art? You can find Chris on Facebook and of course, you can see his art and buy it at the Redmond Town Center Game Gear store! Come see us Saturday during our NFC Championship open house! We’ll be greeting guests from 3-6 pm, Saturday the 18th. Chris will be there along with a lot of other great folks! Drop on by!





Volume 12 Updates


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rw banner

Hello World Record Holders!

Have you caught your breath yet from our amazing Monday Night Football game? We’re still giddy about being 11-1 and bringing the world record back home for Volume 12!

We wanted to take a moment to thank all our 12s for the photos, questions and messages you send us on our Facebook page. We love knowing that we’re doing our part to connect you all and showcase your wonderful spirit of 12! Be sure to check out the great photo albums our talented admin Jenn is putting together! The holiday album is going to be awesome!

BeanieWith the San Francisco game right around the corner, we want to encourage you to get connected with other 12s through our Connecting the 12s page. Whether you’re trying to find other 12s or you know of a meeting place for 12s, it’s important to us to get you together to watch the game!

Our Best Fan program is ready to announce our first round of nominees! Stay tuned for that announcement and your opportunity to vote!

Finally, our Volume 12 store is open daily at Redmond town center. We have all your Volume 12 and Legion of Boom game gear, everything from hoodies to beanies to arm socks to Volume 12 flags! Feel free to stop by and see our World Record certificates for loudest stadium cheer!

#GoHawks #Volume12

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