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A Dream Come True


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It was just a dream last year.

We tweeted using the hashtag #championshipoffseason…

We watched the draft anticipating the talent John Schneider would find in late rounds…

We celebrated the trade for Percy Harvin as the speed we were looking for…

We clamored to get into the Richard Sherman Charity Softball game, delighted with the less formal glimpse of our Hawks!

We sold out training camp before it even started because we couldn’t wait to see our guys!

We set our first world record for loudest crowd cheer on September 15, 2013 against the San Francisco 49ers!

We traveled to away games at a record setting rate and thanks to the Seahawks Road Crew, Saturday night rallies on the road became the norm.

We set our second world record for loudest crowd cheer on Monday Night Football, December 2, 2013 against the New Orleans Saints!

We matched our record for number of wins in the season at 13 and 3, assuring that the road to the Super Bowl came through Seattle.

We enjoyed a bye week before playing two decisive games against the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers, ironically the two teams we’d played when we set our world records!

We then went to NYC and endured two weeks of announcers and critics picking against us because we were playing the number one offense.

And then we won the Super Bowl in such a decisive manner that it created discussions regarding whether we were one of the best defenses of all times!

The common denominator in all this is the word “We.”

In all the NFL, there is no other organization in which the fans are so closely intertwined with their team…. where the team wears the symbol of their fans on their uniform… where the fans actually impact the game (and often the post game show)… where the fan’s jersey has been retired… where there’s actually a flag symbolizing the commitment of the fans to the team and that flag shows up around the world as fans display it with pride.

As much as this season has been about the team, it has also been about you, the fans… your world records, your travel, your cheering!

Volume 12 has been proud to support the fans this year through multiple rallies, world record successes, our official Volume 12, Lady 12s and Legion of Boom clothing, our fan caves here and in New York City, our Facebook and Blog… it’s been an incredible honor for us to make this journey with you!

Let’s do it again next year, yes?

An Opportunity for the Legion of Boom


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In recent days, Volume 12 has heard considerable news and speculation regarding members of the Legion of Boom and what they did or didn’t take, and how the Seahawks will manage without them.

We think there are some inevitable truths regarding the Seahawks in general, and the Legion of Boom in particular.

Pete Carroll has created a culture within the organization that centers around Always Compete and Next Man Up. We think these beliefs are the core concepts that transform successful teams into champions.

No matter which position you look at on the team, every player there has earned his place on the squad. It was Thurmond’s injury two years ago that gave Sherman the opportunity to shine and become a leader on the team. Browner’s groin injury put Thurmond back in the line up and now Thurmond’s suspension will give Lane and Maxwell the opportunity to step and shine. Pete and John have build the team to have this kind of depth. The Hawks are better positioned than any other team to exemplify Next Man Up!

It’s also worth noting that the original 4 Legion of Boom members wanted the entire backfield acknowledged as Legionnaires. Two home games ago, when the defense was introduced, the entire backfield waited to take the field as the LOB… In this way, no opposing team could overlook anyone in the backfield. Next Man Up!

Finally, it’s the reality of professional sports that every team goes through a journey on the way to their goal. That road is filled with ups and downs, good and bad, positives and negatives, injuries and incidents. But for the teams that endure, the ones that keep their focus, understand their perspective and overcome obstacles, success is inevitable.  Always Compete!

So lets keep the focus where it belongs… competing for that number one seed so that all roads to the NFC championship go through Seattle and the 12s! As much as the team and the players need to keep their perspective, we… the 12s need to keep our perspective. Cheer for the Next Man Up! Focus on our next game! Monday Night Football!

Always Compete!

And the Countdown Begins!


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Former Seahawks Kerry Carter and Joe Tafoya talk Volume 12 with Chris Egan at Northwest Cable News

Winning isn’t everything, but it beats anything that comes in second. – Paul “Bear” Bryant

The countdown begins! Sunday night’s game on September 15th against the 49ers is right around the corner…. as is the Guinness World Record attempt at loudest crowd cheer.

Here at Volume 12, we’re so excited we can hardly contain ourselves. We’re thrilled to be able to give the 12th man the opportunity to compete for the loudest crowd cheer. We view this as a chance for the 12th man to compete right along with the team on the field. We know there are other fan bases out there that believe they’re the loudest. This is a contest that isn’t decided on Facebook  or on chat boards or via Twitter. This contest, like football, is decided at the stadium, under the lights, with the help of the teammate next to you. One crowd, one voice, one cheer!

If you’re going to the game on the 15th, we hope you’ll do your part to lift us to a world record! If you don’t have tickets, please plan on joining us at the Official Volume 12 Tailgate Party. Tickets are $25 and you can buy them here! Even if you are going to the game, buy a ticket and come do the best pregame ever with us at the Pyramid Alehouse, with swag bags, food and drink specials and select Seahawks alumni! We’ll be projecting the game onto the big screen on the outside of the Pyramid Alehouse, thanks to our friends at Redmond IPic Movie Theaters! We think you can cheer loud enough to help out the fans in the stadium! And yes, earplugs will be provided! A portion of the proceeds for this event will go to the Hearing Health Foundation!

Come help your team and your fans kick football butt!


The Official Volume12 Hear the Cheer Tailgate Party


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hear the cheer

We all know how important the September 15th game against the 49ers is…. We’ll be going for the Guinness Book of World Records Loudest Fan Cheer at a sports stadium! We’re throwing a little party to get the 12th Man ready for this historic event, and you’re going to want to be there! Announcing our “Hear the Cheer” Tailgate Party! We want you there!

Here are some of the details:

Where: Pyramid Brewery parking lot, across the street from CenturyLink Field

When: September 15th, 12 Noon

Best of all, you do not need to have game tickets to attend the Hear the Cheer party! You can still be involved by cheering with the 12th man outside the stadium beforehand, then stay to watch the game with your fellow 12th Man on our over-sized screen. Be warned however, space is limited!

Tickets are $25 and available here.

Your ticket includes:
- Entry to the party
- Volume 12 commemorative team pack: T-shirt, wristband and button & sponsored items
- Live music (Artist TBA)
- Discounted food and drink
- Access to Seahawks Alumni autograph
- Access to Guinness World Record press conference
Some of your favorite former Seahawks will welcome you and be signing autographs on special edition Volume 12 gear. This collectable souvenir will mark the memorable night for the history of Seahawks fans everywhere.

Surprise performance by celebrity musician!!!

Challenge your friends to exciting tailgating games supported by drink & food specials that are sure to encourage fun and laughter.

Tickets will only be available at the door IF we don’t sell out online. Check here for further updates!

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Hearing Health Foundation to support their efforts against hearing loss.
Hearing Health Foundation is the largest private funder of hearing research, with a mission to prevent and cure hearing loss through groundbreaking research. Since 1958 Hearing Health Foundation has given nearly $30 million to hearing and balance research, including work that led to cochlear implant technology

We hope you’ll be able to join us. It’s important to prepare for being the loudest crowd in the world!

Do you think we can do it???

Legion of Boom™ Returns to Seattle


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Sure, the home-field is an advantage — but so is having a lot of talent.
~ Dan Marino

There are some traditions that are just a matter of hometown pride, especially when connected to our beloved Seahawks.

We all know about the history of the 12th Man and how the number 12 was retired…

After Seattle’s big 1983 playoff victory at Miami, Coach Knox said “this team does not play alone, we play with an extra man, a twelfth man — our fans.” Before the final game of the 1984 season, the Seahawks retired the number 12, meaning it could never be worn by any players; it was a symbolic act unprecedented in professional sports.

And then there’s our tradition of raising the 12th Man flag in the stadium…

The crowd noise from the King Dome followed the Seahawks into their new stadium in 2002. In recognition of the home field advantage fans helped create, the Seahawks installed a flagpole above the south end zone in 2003 and made the raising of a 12th Man flag part of every pregame ritual. Our identity was molded by the ones before us.

Over the last few months, we’ve seen the momentum of #Volume12, powered by former Seahawks Joe Tafoya and Kerry Carter from JumpIt Media. Using their experience as former Seahawks and current proprietors of a dynamic marketing and consulting agency, Joe and Kerry have taken it upon themselves to assure that #Volume12 continues to be connected to Seahawks fans by initiating the Guinness World Record attempt on September 15th at CenturyLink Field.

legion of boom

More recently, Joe and Kerry have brought Legion of Boom™ back to Seattle. Wondering why there aren’t Legion of Boom™ products for sale? A company from another state held the trademark and wouldn’t allow anyone licensing rights. After a lot of hard work and negotiation, #Volume12 has successfully acquired the rights to LEGION OF BOOM™ and brings it to the great Northwest and the rightful owners, Seahawks Fans! We are moving quickly with major partners to get something into your hands soon! We have some big things on the horizon for our 12′s and can’t wait for the season to start!

Joe and Kerry want to know, If you could buy any Legion of Boom™ product, what would be?

Pre Season Fever!


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The Green Bay Packers never lost a football game. They just ran out of time.
~ Vince Lombardi

Preseason is here!

Who’s excited?

There’s always the concern in preseason about what we’re going to see from our team, but for some fans, the larger concern is how we’re going to see the games. If you’re a season ticket holder or if you were able to get your hand on preseason tickets, you have the two home games nailed down.

But Volume12 Blog, you ask, what about the away games? Volume12 Blog has a couple of answers for you!

First of all, if you have the NFL Network on cable or dish, they’re showing the Seahawks Thursday night game against the San Diego Chargers. You can find the preview page here, along with lots of game preview and analysis. Game time is 7pm Pacific time.

If you don’t have the NFL Network, you have one other option, buy the NFL preseason package and watch online, via computer or tablet. You can find the sign up page here. Your Volume12 Blog bought this last year on a road trip and it saved their bacon, allowing them to watch the Seahawks on a laptop somewhere in the Sierra Nevada mountains! This package is reasonably priced at $19.95 and allows the user to see every preseason game played, watch condensed games and even watch game replays.

As a last resort, you can go to the game page on and sign up to hear the live radio broadcast. Just click “Listen” under the Seahawks logo to get started.

We know you’re just as excited to watch the Hawks as we are! Tell us, where will you be watching the game?



Seattle Seahawks Fans Shouting for World Record


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Volume 12 eyes Guinness record

CenturyLink Field is considered one of the most intimidating stadiums in the NFL, partly because it is so noisy. But a fan group wants the Seattle Seahawks‘ home to be the loudest stadium on Earth.

The group, Volume 12, is organizing an effort to break the Guinness World Record for “loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium” on Sept. 15 during the Seahawks’ home opener versus their hated NFC West rivals, the San Francisco 49ers.

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which had earlier reported the group’s attempt, Volume 12 is not affiliated with the NFL team. However, it has applied with Guinness to attempt the record and posted on its Facebook page that the organization has accepted its application.

The current record for loudest crowd roar is 131.76 decibels, set on March 18, 2011, during a soccer match at the Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex Turk Telekom Arena in Istanbul, Turkey. Fans of Turkey’s Galatasaray S.K. club were given three chances to set the record and hit it on their third try.

The Seahawks say Seattle’s famed 12th Man has been measured at 112 decibels, louder than a power saw or rock concert but not much more quiet than a Boeing 747.

In Seattle’s 2011 playoff victory over the New Orleans Saints, the Seahawks’ fans actually made the ground shake during Marshawn Lynch‘s 67-yard touchdown in which he broke free at the line of scrimmage and then shed several tacklers en route to the end zone.

A seismic monitoring station located about 100 yards west of the stadium registered seismic activity during Lynch’s run. The shaking was most intense during a 30-second stretch about the time Lynch broke free from the line of scrimmage, finished off his touchdown and celebrated in the end zone with his teammates.

More than 60,000 frantic fans are expected for that game versus San Francisco.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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